Studio: Listen. Respond. Develop. Document. Build. Experience.


From start to finish my process is Client centered and focused on providing intelligent architectural solutions.

The cornerstone of my studio philosophy is to invest in building relationships between me, the Client and the builder. I foster a collaborative design process, which I find to be one of the most rewarding aspects of each project. I structure the process to capture my Client’s thoughts and ideas to create a design that brings their story to life.  Knowing the right questions to ask, even if the answer is unknown, can result in a stronger design. 

I approach projects with a broad architectural understanding, sound technical expertise and a sensitivity to the landscape. When these qualities are applied to each projects’ design goals, the result is a design solution that reflects my Clients’ unique character.

I bring my enthusiasm and an inherent curiosity to each project. My work is shaped not only by my previous professional experience and technical expertise, but also by my personal experiences, such a travel, cultural explorations and a deep love of gardening. 

I belong to the design faculty at the Boston Architectural College and have worked with students there since 2005. I hold a Master of Architecture from MIT and have travelled extensively in Europe and Japan under the auspices of a Fulbright Teaching Scholarship.