What people are saying...





"Daniel’s years of experience allowed us to focus on decision making". 

"Often we would realize Daniel had wisely and painlessly brought us to a new place. Without the guidance of the Daniel we would have lost all consistency of the artistic flavor of our home".

"Yes he has the skill but skill is not everything. Our project took 18 months from design start to moving in. What better than to travel with someone who is genuine?"

"Daniel's kindness and intelligence created the perfect person to work with". 




 "Daniel is a very talented and creative Architect with exemplary project management abilities, interpersonal skills as well as a diligent problem solver with a keen eye for detail."

"As the architect and project leader, Daniel's communication skills went well beyond weekly project meetings and were an integral component in establishing a very successful team approach. He consistently provided personal attention to his clients throughout the duration of the project.".  

"Daniel created a wonderful team experience. He is organized, methodical and thorough in his approach of any encountered design or management challenge."

"Daniel Steger exemplifies a commitment to excellence.  He is a skilled leader who inspires others around him to confidently do their job to the best of their ability".


Susan & Brad Keyes

Susan & Brad Keyes