Wayland- from the ground up

Homeowners Susan and Brad, two of the most lovely people one could meet, contacted me in 2014, and we soon embarked on a year long project that resulted in one of my most comprehensive projects to date; it was a fulfilling and rewarding project, full of learning experiences and adventure every step of the way. Susan and Brad's aim was to transform a Wayland cape into a more contemporary living space. The exterior continues to reference the cape style, however the open interior plan, material selections and finish details fit a more contemporary sensibility.  Color, light and texture are were the main focus for material selections throughout the project.  I was able to focus much of my time directly along side the clients through every stage of the project. Initially, the three of us sat sat together for many hours pouring over design plans. Once the project took shape on paper, I continued to provided complete architectural services (including weekly construction administration meetings where all relevant parties came together for a meeting of the minds) and many field trips for various material selections. I am particularly proud of this projects and exceedingly thrilled to see the product come to fruition. I will most certainly miss seeing Brad and Susan's cheery faces on a regular basis. The project was completed in December 2015 and the clients couldn't be more thrilled with their new home. Have a peek at the construction images below to see what it takes took to get this project going. 

Click here to view the completed project gallery.